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Ignite is a nationally syndicated presentation series with a unique twist: 12 speakers fire off 20 slides in 5 minutes each, for a night of rapid-fire talks about their biggest passions.

Here in Memphis, we find our city's most passionate and talented people to share stories, ideas, and inspiration on just about any topic. You'll learn, laugh, and leave fired-up. Tickets even include complementary beer, wine, and light appetizers.

The past four Ignite events have sold out completely, so get your tickets quick.


Ignite Memphis, Vol. 10 Lineup

Ryan Carroll
Graduation Day at 201 Poplar

Tony Kail
The Secret History of Memphis Hoodoo

Kierra Turner
Confessions of Disney World Cast Member

Tim Green
To Sir, With Brotherly Love

Matt Ladner
Between Heaven and Earth is Joe Davis

Meredith Smith
Have You Lost Your Mind in Memphis?

Daphne M. Lee
The Miseducation of a Brown Ballerina

Meka Egwuekwe
The Memphis Youth Coding Movement

Burton B. Bridges
Life Gets Gayer When You Trust the Universe

Kirby Wallace
CRISPR for a Cure: Why I Love to Edit Genes

Anjelica Hardin Hall
Treat—No—Empower Yoself!

Briauna Lovin
I Am Not an Inspiration


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